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Gary - we toast to you, dear friend, fellow musician, and wonderful human being.

Spring 2024 Music List

Practice Materials

Christian's Rehearsal notes April 1, 2024

        Please go through number 7 and make sure you remember what we did yesterday. Then go back to numbers 1-3 so that we can see what is still there from former rehearsals. I hope I have corrected my scores, so that we can avoid misunderstandings.

Miss a rehearsal? Listen to a Rehearsal Recording

Eclipse Humor

Why don't chorale singers have to worry about damaging their eyes during a partial solar eclipse? Because they never look up :-)

Brahms Requiem

Notes, there are 2 sets of practice tracks - choose the one you prefer:

Soprano ChSt ReTr
Alto ChSt ReTr
Tenor ChSt ReTr
Bass ChSt ReTr

ChSt is the "Chorus Station" channel. ReTr is the "Rehearsal Tracks" channel. Note, ReTr movements are in reverse order!

Brahms Requiem Performance (Christian-approved)

Brahms Requiem Pronunciation

  1. Selig sind Pronunciation
  2. Denn alles Fleisch Pronunciation
  3. Herr, lehre doch mich Pronunciation
  4. Wie lieblich Pronunciation
  5. Ihr habt nun Traurigkeit Pronunciation
  6. Denn wir haben hier Pronunciation
  7. Selig sind die Toten Pronunciation

Choral Score
Score with Reduced Orchestra

Brahms Requiem Translation

Four Motets

  • Call to remembrance
    Richard Farrant
  • Hide Not Thou Thy Face
    Richard Farrant
  • Nunc Dimittis
    Orlando Gibbons
  • I Have Longed for Thy Saving Health
    Willian Byrd
  • He Watching Over Israel
    F.Mendelssohn Bartholdy
  • Verleih uns Frieden
    Mendelssohn Translation

Anticipated Concert Schedule

May 18 2024 Saturday6:00PM Setup
 6:30PM Ready to sing on risers
 8:00PM Concert
May 19 2024 Sunday2:00PM Setup
 2:30PM Ready to sing on risers
 4:00PM Concert

If the info is available, pieces we've sung previously are marked like (Last-Performed:2021) to help you find the music. You can also view Tom's notes for this.

These YouTube links are submissions by Chorale members and haven't been endorsed by our conductor as representing how we will perform the pieces. Please keep that in mind when listening.
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