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Spring 2022 Music List

Preparation for 9/26 rehearsal

Next Monday:

  1. Ave Regina/Ave O Herrin
  2. Maria durch ein Dornwald ging
  3. Glow

And we'll repeat what we did so far

Miss a rehearsal? Listen to a Rehearsal Recording (see link on right)

Practice Materials

  1. Christum wir sollen loben
    Osiander Hosiana Chant (Last-Performed:2018)Sung as 1) A solis ortus (men); 2) "Christum wir sollen loben"; 3) A solis ortus (women); 4) Hosianna
  2. Magi veniunt
    Clemens non Papa
  3. Ave Regina/Ave, O Herrin
    Rheinberger (Last-Performed:2018)
  4. Regina caeli
  5. Maria durch ein Dornwald
  6. Laetatus sum
  7. Glow
    Whitacre (Last-Performed:2021)
    Tenor Practice
    Christian's notes for: Sopranos | Altos | Tenors | Basses
  8. Magnificat
    Buxtehude (Last-Performed:2019)

  9. ==> Intermission

    ==> Greensleeves Instrumental

  10. Wexford Carol
  11. Es wird scho glei dumpa
    Austrian Carol Pronunciation LP: 2017
  12. Carol of the Bells
    Leontovich (Last-Performed:2016-Homeless Shelter Benefit)
    Original Ukrainian Folk Song Version (just for fun)
  13. Mary's Song
    Brian Holmes (Last-Performed:2018)
  14. Lulajze Jesunu
    Brandvik 3 tenors sing main line (Last-Performed:2018)
  15. Riu, riu, chiu (Last-Performed:2016)
  16. Llévame a ver Jesús
    Mattos (MP3 by Guatemalan singers with correct pronunciation) (Last-Performed:2019)
  17. A la nanita nana
    Luboff (Last-Performed:2019)
  18. Ave Maria (Angelus Domini)
    Franz Biebl Alternate version edited by Alvarez (Last-Performed:2018)
  19. Stille Nacht
    Franz Gruber (Last-Performed:2021)

Pieces we've sung previously are marked like (Last-Performed:2021) to help you find the music. You can also view Tom's notes for this.

These YouTube links are submissions by Chorale members and haven't been endorsed by our conductor as representing how we will perform the pieces. Please keep that in mind when listening.
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