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Winter 2024 Music List

Practice Materials

Christian's Rehearsal notes


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  1. Jauchzet dem Herrn
    Johann Pachelbel
  2. Serenity (O Magnum Mysterium)
    Ola Gjeilo (Last-Performed:2015)
  3. Mother of God
    John Tavener
  4. Ave virgo sanctissima
    Francisco Guerrero A flat Version
    Ave Virgo sanctissima
  5. Magnificat
    Francesco Durante
  6. Orchester

  7. Barn Jesus i en krybbe lå
    Niels Wilhelm Gade
  8. Heyr, himna smiður
    Borkell Sigurbjörnsson
  9. Jul, jul, strålande jul
    Gustaf Nordquist
  10. Organ

  11. Soy un pobre pastorcito
    Noé Sánchez Pronunciation (Last-Performed:2021)
  12. Llega la navidad
    Ramón Díaz (Last-Performed:2021)
  13. Riu, riu, chiu (Last-Performed:2022)
    Riu Riu (Luiz) Pronunciation

    Coblas Order: 1) Women; 2) Men; 3)Women

  14. The Three Drovers
    William G. James
  15. Seven Joys of Christmas - The Joy of Love
    Mechem (Last-Performed:2019)
  16. Coventry carol (Lula lulay)
    arr. Martin Shaw (Last-Performed:2006)
  17. In the Bleak Midwinter
    Gustav Holst (Last-Performed:2017)
  18. Once in Royal Davids city ...
  19. Deck the Halls ...
  20. Ukrainian Carol - Hopeful Mother - U Nadii (Last-Performed:2023)
    Pronunciation Translation
         measure 1 - 6 Choir a cappella
         measure 7 (pickup) - 14 Ensemble top staff  + Instruments; 
                             repeat Tutti   (Sop I  top staff Sop II top of bottom line)
         measure 16 - 19 Tutti
         measure 20 - (pickup) - 27   Sop I,  Alto II top staff; Choir a cappella 
                                                             (Sop II second staff upper line)
         measure 28 - 31  Tutti (repeat  "p"!) 
         measure 33 - (pickup) -38  Ensemble top line + Choir a cappella
  21. Stille Nacht
    Franz Gruber (Last-Performed:2023)
  22. Quempas
    Michael Praetorius (Last-Performed:2018)

Anticipated Concert Schedule (Date TBD)

Saturday6:00PM Setup
 6:30PM Ready to sing on risers
 8:00PM Concert
Sunday2:00PM Setup
 2:30PM Ready to sing on risers
 4:00PM Concert

If the info is available, pieces we've sung previously are marked like (Last-Performed:2021) to help you find the music.

Summer Sing

When: Normal rehearsal time

Where: Alex's house (location in emails, for privacy, not posted here)

These YouTube links are submissions by Chorale members and haven't been endorsed by our conductor as representing how we will perform the pieces. I endeavor to post recordings only if pronunciation and notes are correct, but this isn't guaranteed. Please keep this in mind when listening.
These YouTube links are approved by our conductor as, at a minimum, being a reasonable representation of how we will perform the pieces.
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